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domestic abuse and violence support specifically for Veterans

We are thrilled to collaborate with Project Nova to ensure that vulnerable veterans have access to our survivor-led service with a Veteran USP;  a Survivor Lighthouse created package catering for the needs of Veterans affected by domestic abuse and violence, in a dual-prong approach of parallel running victim and perpetrator programmes. 

Some examples of additional training aspects that can be incorporated are:

  • The reality of what abuse creates in a person (false realities)

  • How the military affects abusers views of themselves

  • Safe management of PTSD and other military inflicted conditions

  • Impact of family separation and dynamics post deployment

  • Veteran self care

  • Complexities of adapting to civilian life ​

Suitable for both men and women, the Veterans programmes is conducted both in person and remotely.

The Veterans Programme is facilitated by partnership with Armed Forces agencies. 

We also accept self referrals.  

The programme was devised by both civilian and veteran consultant collaboration.  

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