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A survivor's manual to life on the inside

Expert training exploring a collective Survivor's perspective on how domestic violence really looks, feels, why it is exists and how we recover from it, in a gritty but understandable format.  We examine the societal and familial norms which enable abuse, exacerbating factors, and the issues which stem a victims voice and subsequently, hinder their escape.  We also introduce the principles and benefits of the freedom programme and the Dominator model. ​

This course is helpful to those who refer in to the service as it provides insight into the course content but it also aims to provide a deeper understanding and awareness of Domestic abuse and enable a more encompassing provision of support.  

We run professionals courses throughout the year and welcome individual or group bookings.

We can also deliver bespoke training to your larger group or organisation - please contact us to discuss your training needs.

Open to all professionals including but not exhaustively; police officers, firefighters, social workers, cafcass officers, healthcare professionals, and many more.  


Giving Survivors a voice 

We are passionate about spreading awareness about domestic abuse and violence and our USP is our ability to voice the perspective of survivors.

We provide energetic, hard hitting and captivating lectures and talks dispelling myths and misconceptions, relaying survivors life experiences and contrasting the law with victim support and outcomes.

We are available for functions and events and can incorporate our public speaking to run alongside professional training packages. 


Basic & bespoke workplace Domestic Abuse and Violence Awareness training packages 

Providing robust domestic abuse and violence awareness education packages to workplaces to ensure that their business to equipped to fully comprehend and recognise the many complex facets of abuse, and how abusers and victims act, the myths and misconceptions and also how to aid survivors life within the relationship, leaving abuse, and the recovery journey for survivor families. 

Our custom built and company specific workplace training examines appropriate handling of disclosure and  reporting, and how to write and work from effective Domestic Violence Policies and Procedures to keep staff and their families safe


Facilitated by our very own Lighthouse Survivors

The Survivor Lighthouse facilitate all versions of Pat Craven's revolutionary Freedom Programme model exploring and examining how domestic violence really looks, feels, why it is exists and how we recover from it, in a fresh, accessible and dare we say it, fun format. 

We are proud to deliver the comprehensive Freedom Programme set:

  • the original Freedom programme for women and girls

  • Freedom for children (schools, community and 1 to 1)

  • Freedom for teenagers (schools and community)

  • Perpetrator programme 

(Please see the Freedom Programme page for further information on each Freedom Programme course content and delivery method)

We accept referrals from all agencies and organisations and also self-referrals. 


online, phone and face to face support 

Our key form of support is our listening line, email and messenger support and also (COVID careful) personal support in your home and in the community.

In addition to our freedom programme and recovery courses, we run an adajacent online support group where survivors can seek advice and support from the admin team and each other, 

If you require agency signposting or referrals, practical help or support or just someone to listen, we have a community hub where you can meet our team or you can request a visit to your home or venue of your choice.  

In recent months, we have provided food hampers, made refuge referrals, sourced household goods for those fleeing abuse, installed ring doorbells, and provided the HollieGuard resource to our survivors. 

We can also make babybank and foodbank referrals, and we are always discreet in our provisions.  


Promoting healthy relationships and a life post abuse 

Our perpetrator programmes examines the facets and presentations of abuse, the cycles, belief systems and societal norms and the effects of abuse on victims and our children.

We challenge attitudes and behaviours, and provide alternatives with hard hitting, gritty real-life survivor accounts to illustrate the repercussions of abuse and also recovery.  

Extended programmes are available.  

We accept self - referrals in addition to organisation / agency recommendations.  


Supporting Partnerships 

Boasting a wonderful collaboration with trained McKenzie Friends who offer support to survivors navigating the court systems.

Providing robust but empathetic support with divorce and financial proceedings, our McKenzie friends  specialise in child arrangement orders, promoting an amicable and child-focussed approach at all times.


Bespoke package for victims and perpetrators in (and out) the Forces 

A Survivor Lighthouse created package catering for the needs of Veterans affected by domestic abuse and violence, in a dual-prong approach of parallel running victim and perpetrator programmes. 

Some additional training aspects that feature are:

  • The reality of what abuse creates in a person (false realities)

  • How the military affects abusers views of themselves

  • Safe management of PTSD and other military inflicted conditions

  • Impact of family separation and dynamics post deployment

  • Veteran self care

Suitable for both men and women, the Veterans programmes is conducted both in person and remotely.

The Veterans Programme is facilitated by partnership with Armed Forces agencies. 

We also accept self referrals.  


Change Starts Here

The Survivor Lighthouse are trained to do the DASH assessment; a recognised, comprehensive and robust checklist detailing a victims lived experiences and related risk so that each case can be managed correctly and efficiently in MARAC meetings and organisational communications to safeguard those at risk. 

Created by Laura Richards and utilised across all U.K Police services, we can help identify and illustrate risk to enable appropriate safeguarding requirements to other agencies and organisations.  


Fighting Inequality

Hosted by our wonderful Samuel, we offer male victims a safe place to explore their experiences whilst leading their own journey towards recovery.

Here at the Survivor Lighthouse, we recognise the need for support 

for male victims of domestic abuse.  We offer emotional and practical support to men who experience abuse and violence.   

We also offer assistance to families and friends supporting men affected by domestic abuse


Men against VAWG

Creating alliances with men who campaign against violence against women and girls (VAWG).

The Collective creates a mediated safe space to hold thought provoking, emotive and sometimes controversial conversations with guest speakers, experts and the public to examine the intricacies of humanity.


Breaking free from denominational abuse

The Survivor Lighthouse CIC proudly offer a Faith Abuse a befriending service an listening line to help victims who have experienced life in a cult, abuse enabled or hidden by a cult or abuse committed within a cult, by Spiritual Leaders. 

This includes first generation (joined or recruited) and second/third generation (born and or raised) victims.

This support is provided by both male and female support buddies who have first hand experience of living amongst and breaking free from both domestic and systemic / denominational abuse.

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