we provide all versions of the Freedom Programme to cover men, women and children



For women and girls over 16

Facilitated by our own survivors, we offer Pat Craven's revolutionary Freedom Programme model to explore how domestic violence really looks, feels, why it is exists and how we recover from it, in a fresh, accessible and dare we say it, fun format. 

We are proud to also offer Survivor Lighthouse certificates upon completion to celebrate your achievement.

Trained by the wonderful Pat Craven, we are certified Freedom Programme Facilitators and ambassadors.  

We are unique in our approach as we support men, women and children in our fight against domestic violence and abuse.  

The different programmes all pivot from the original programme examining how abuse looks, feels, plays out and flourishes in society and how we counter and recover from it. 

More information about the Freedom Programme can be found here:

The Freedom Programme, created by Pat Craven, evolved from her work with perpetrators of domestic violence. 

The Freedom Programme examines the many different facets and faces of 'the Dominator', how domestic abuse manifests and what it looks like to not those involved but also our friends, families and professionals, and the multitude of responses and reactions from victims and survivors.  

We learn about the 'rules of the game', the evolving cycles of behaviour, belief systems and societal norms, the contrast between healthy and toxic relationships and also the effects of domestic violence on our children.  

The group effort of discussing, dissecting and sharing is profoundly empowering and although the course is gritty and intense at times, the comradery, support and at times, humour pave the way to recovery...and Freedom.    


We run purely on volunteers goodwill, efforts and energies, and we really welcome contributions to help run the project,  

Whether it be a nominal fee for resources such as certificates or booklets, or a goodwill gesture, please consider supporting us to support others.

Due to COVID19 restrictions and safety precautions, we are currently running courses online