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'Just excellent'

Such excellent, informative but fun training.  I haven't stopped talking about it!

'Helpful and informative'

The sharing of experiences, and the easy flow of the training the discussions and the knowledge base of the facilitators who were so experienced and safe in sharing their stories, it was a very safe environment, everyone was very supportive and it was great that so much was shared. Also, the facilitators spent time even after the training.

'Really well presented'

Loved hearing directly from survivors - it makes the point so much more powerfully

'Great format'

I enjoyed the mix of self-disclosure and specific training material, it was helpful to me that it wasn't just conversational and had specific points of reference

'Really great perspective'

It was interesting to listen to the speakers and hear their experiences and also of the ladies they help. It made me realise that women's experiences are complex and multi layered, and it is good to listen to each individual. It was educational to learn about what type of men could potentially show 'abuser' behaviour.


The biggest part for me is recognising that you are/they are a victim and then empowering the client to take the next step.

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Feedback: Image


what they've said so far

I found the facilitator amazing she went into details so I was able to understand all of the elements of each situation, it wasn’t like any other group that I have attended, I felt able to get fully involved and have my views heard and was never judged with my replies, i looked forward to each session that I have attended

I thought our course facilitator was fantastic. Perfectly balanced the line between being friendly, welcoming and kind with skilfully managing the group dynamic and dealing calmly and professionally with any difficulties/heightened emotions that arose within the group.

Hannah is the perfect person to lead the FP, as she has the personal experience to enable her to be sympathetic and encouraging which makes others feel able to open up and share; she is comforting and consoling when people get upset or go into their shells but she also brings a sense of energy and humour 

Amazing, well run and informed, relaxed

The best thing I have done in a long time, and hopefully the start of a very long healing journey.

I think its a really good program where i have learned so much about domestic abuse and it has opened my eyes up to some of the stuff that happened that I did not think was abuse and how to spot some of the signs because it becomes to bad for me to leave

I am so very grateful to those who put their time and emotional and mental energy into running these sessions every week. You have helped me more than you will ever know and I will forever be so glad that I chose to join this FP from the long list on the website. Going through the past few months with a group of such strong, funny, kind, wise and big-hearted women has changed me in the best way, for good.

Very inclusive, warm, helpful

The sessions were real, indormative, incorporated learning styles, and for memory issues often a symptom of domestic abuse/ trauma the way it was led helped me remember quite a lot. Supportive group not only during session time but outside.

Carey is so warm and she makes me laugh during every session.  It can so daunting and draining and then she says something and it just makes it all bearable.  Brilliant!

If it wasn't for the survivor lighthouse, I genuinely don't know where I would. They have been better than my barrister and solicitor put together.  

Lauren was brilliant; engaging and has really opened my eyes.

These people have saved my life - in more ways than one.  Thank you Hannah and Carey.  I now have a family by my side and I belong somewhere. 

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